Presentation Tools

Below is a list of some of the different and unusual presentation media that can be used to create various class presentations and projects!

You can collaborate with your classmates with the following presentation formats:

Create online illustrated storybooks using your words with illustrations provided by the program.  Can collaborate with group members.

Collaborate and create exciting presentations that are visually appealing with text, images, and other media.  Not recommended for Library 8 project.

Pearl Trees
Organize, share, and collaborate webpages, photos, files, and so much more.
Create and collaborate on your own online poster or infographic.

Create your own online poster or infographic.

Create your own online poster or infographic.

Virtual corkboard that allows you to share ideas, images, video, and so much more.

Create a animated video that does all the talking for you!  14 day free trial

Presentation and poster building software that allows thousands of design options.

The following presentation formats do not allow collaboration.  If you are doing a group project, create one username and password for all of you to share. (Create a new account for the group - don't give others your personal username/email and password!)

Similiar to powerpoint,  but once published becomes a movie; can upload a PowerPoint into emaze. 

Create your own interactive presentation with animation, videos, and fun facts.  There is no collaboration feature for this project

Printing Press
Use this website to create your own newspapers, brochures, flyers, etc.  

Create customized avatars and add voices to have them tell a story or explain a concept.

Create a website to share information or create an interactive project.  Groups must use same username and password to access single account.  There is no collaboration feature.

Create and animated presentation with music, videos, and other media tools.

My Story Book
Create your own unique storybook, download your own images, and information.

Capture and organize your ideas in cool presentation graphic organizers

Create and manipulate on a timeline of events.

Newspaper Generator
Choose my multiple layouts to create your own unique newspaper