Summer Programs
Carnegie Mellon Governor's School: The 5-week summer residential program for talented high school students will include PGSS’s historically rigorous science and mathematics curriculum which emphasizes cooperative learning and hands-on laboratory research. The student applicant must be a current junior (11th grade) at the time of application and must be a resident of Pennsylvania, attending a public, charter, cyber or non-public secondary school, or be home-schooled.
Admission to PGSS is at no charge to the student. Application forms and more information are available at

Iacocca Global Entrepreneurship Intensive for high school students.  The name reflects the program’s global reach and its interactive, hands-on model of teaching leadership and entrepreneurship skills to young adults from around the world. We are now accepting applications for the 2018 Iacocca Global Entrepreneurship Intensive program. Current high school sophomores and juniors are encouraged to apply.  The enrichment program is second to none in providing the experience and necessary skill set needed for students as they continue their education beyond high school.  The program have maintained the same curriculum and selectivity as the former Pennsylvania Governor’s Schools. Tuition is $3850.

Gettysburg College is excited to offer several opportunities for high school juniors and sophomores to attend academic camps over the summer months. Subjects include psychology, American government, history, creative writing, or information technology. Please find information to share with your students about our academic camps below:

Camp Psych - Campers will get hands-on experiences that introduce them to research in psychology during this fun, challenging, and engaging introduction to the field.
Campaigns and Elections Academy - This program is designed for highly-motivated students who have a strong interest in American campaigns and elections. Participants learn about the origins and evolution of democracy in America and gain hands-on experiences related to modern political campaigns.
Writing Camp - Students gain an in-depth introduction to all four genres of creative writing: fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and writing for stage and screen.
3D Object Modeling and Printing Camp - Students will study 3D object modeling and printing starting with the basics of a 3D printer. After learning the fundamentals, they will practice designing objects.
Coding for Robotics & Electronics Camp - Students will gain hands-on experiences in coding, wiring, hardware, and building robots through the open source software known as Arduino. Throughout this camp, campers will learn basic electrical engineering, the physics behind electricity, and how to think like a scientist.
Civil War Institute Summer Conference - The High School Student Scholarship component of Gettysburg College's annual Civil War Institute summer conference provides high school students an opportunity to explore the history of the Civil War era on the site of the war's most decisive battle.

Wildlife Leadership Academy: open to highly motivated 14-17 year old students interested in wildlife and/or fisheries conservation, 5-day residential summer field schools located in central PA. Visit for more information and application details.